Lent 2020

Our Lenten theme this year is Wilderness. Normally when we think of wilderness we think of a barren place of difficulty and hard decisions. That describes wilderness pretty well, and we’ll definitely be exploring some of those themes during our Lenten journey. Our world is going through another crisis right now, one that is bringing a lot of fear of sickness and even death. Let us be sensible and practical and breathe calm into fearful spaces. It feels like a Wilderness out there at the moment. But we are not alone. There’s always more to the wilderness than meets the eye. Unexpected beauty, little surprises along the way, - during Lent  we’ll be exploring the fullness of life’s wilderness.


 We want to invite anyone who wishes, to participate in making Lent personal, by subscribing to some daily and weekly treasures, -  daily flashes of inspiration, joy, challenge, spiritual practice and focus during Lent. Follow the link HERE and it will take you to the subscription page. You can join in any time during Lent. 

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