Advent Service

Advent is about anticipation. For four Sundays we look to the coming of the Christ child as the completion of human longing for hope, peace, joy and love.


  • Prelude: Sets the tone for worship by music appropriate to the season

  • Bell Ringing: Calls the community to worship

  • Greeting: Tells that all are welcome here

  • Centering: A song that invites quiet inner reflection

  • Silence: Further deepens our openness to the spirit

  • Prepare Him Room: Acknowledging in words our life condition that longs for healing and resolution

  • Words of Encouragement: The spirit speaks of and to our longing

  • Advent Liturgy: Music, words, candle lighting to signify the presence of our trust and faith in God

  • Hymn of Christmas: To sing the sacred songs of the Christmas season

  • Responsive Reading: Using ancient scripture of the peoples who looked to the coming of the Messiah

  • Gospel: The Good News of the Christian Community

  • Sung Response: We honour the words of scripture as valid and valuable for us

  • Anthem: The church choir offers their gift of sacred music

  • Commentary: The one ministering speaks of an understanding and interpretation for today

  • Hymn: Singing that supports the message 

  • Mission: Statement about who we are, what we believe, and how to participate

  • Offering: Our expression of thanks for life and blessings

  • Music: To accompany the gathering of the offering

  • Life and Work: Sharing about what we are up to in making a difference

  • Community Prayers: We speak of our global community and ask for direction and compassion.

  • Prayer of Jesus: We recite or sing in unison the prayer commonly known as the Lord’s prayer

  • Hymn: Our final song of faith and intention

  • Benediction: The words of blessing based on letters written to the church of the first century 

  • Sung response: Lively words of encouragement to one another

  • Postlude: Music that nurtures our spirits

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