Job Description & Selection Profile:


​Start date 1st June or as soon as possible.

Closing date for applications: 19th April, 2019



1.1. Collaborative skills as a team member and member of staff working for, and with, St Paul's United Church.

1.2  Musicality and technical skills to play the piano and accompany other musicians to a high standard.

1.3  Proven experience and leadership skills in order to direct a choir and to assist it in developing its   capacity and range.

1.4  Knowledge and experience of traditional and contemporary styles of music as well as significant knowledge of, and experience

       with, church music.

1.5  Preference will be given to candidates with knowledge of denominational music liturgy as well as a basic understanding of and

       commitment to the values of the United Church of Canada.

1.6  Organizational skills, leadership abilities, creative abilities and a willingness to develop and expand our music programme




St Paul’s is a welcoming and inclusive faith community located in the small but thriving town of Sidney, population approximately 12,000, situated north of Victoria on the Saanich Peninsula.  We are one of three United Churches of Canada serving the Peninsula.  We acknowledge with gratitude, that we worship on the grounds of the Coast Salish peoples.


Our congregation of approximately 120 people is generally of an older demographic. The average Sunday morning attendance is 85 people.  Music, both modern and traditional, is an important part of the spiritual life of St. Paul’s, and the Music Ministry is strongly supported by the congregation.  Outreach has been identified as a priority for St. Paul’s in 2019 and we are looking to expand our Music Ministry to include reaching out to our local community as well as exploring new worship opportunities in alignment with our vision.


Our choir presently consists of 15 - 20 members who meet weekly on Thursday evenings during Sept. - May to rehearse hymns, anthems and other music for Sunday services. There is also a short Sunday morning rehearsal prior to the service. The sanctuary has a grand piano and is a venue for classical and folk concerts and other community events.


We share our space with a pre-school on week days and provide a venue for other outside groups during some evenings. Our building dates from the sixties and has recently undergone renovations which include a modernized kitchen and a renewed front entrance which has opened up the front of the church to make it more welcoming to the congregation and local community.




3.1 Program Director:

·         Meets with the minister regularly to provide creative input into the development of the music program as a key component of   

          worship; helps to plan and coordinate the overall music programme of the Church.

·         Encourages the musical involvement of members of the congregation during Sunday Services.

·         Finds people with musical talents in the congregation and work with them to expand worship opportunities and to provide music

          for new worship opportunities

·         Invites guest musicians or other artists from the community as appropriate.

·         In the future, works with the Children’s Ministry Coordinator and minister to find and teach children’s songs and to help assist

          with Messy Church.

·         Works within the overall vision of St Paul’s to expand music in new worship opportunities. 

·         Oversees the music library at St Paul’s and attends to all copyright obligations on behalf of St Paul’s by regularly reporting to

          One License (Church Music Copyright Permissions)

·         Operates within the approved Music Budget of the Church and follows established administrative procedures.


3.2 Choral Leader:

·         Provides leadership to the Choir, including the two weekly rehearsals (Sept- June). Currently rehearsals are held on Thursday

          evenings at 6.30pm and Sunday mornings at 10.00am. The length and number of rehearsals may be increased prior to a

          major event as time constraints permit.

·         Selects appropriate anthems to complement worship services and order new music when needed.

·         In making selections of music for worship, the Choir Leader will work under the Minister’s guidance to frame theology, images,

          language and values as appropriate for the St Paul’s congregation.

·         Directs the Choir every Sunday and at other special services as required.

·         Makes use of volunteers to help conduct the choir on occasions.

·         Brings out the best in individual singers; builds their confidence and skills and creates opportunities for individuals or small

          groups to perform solos or duets to add variety to the worship service.

·         Provides educational opportunities for the choir by facilitating / arranging training events or workshops.

·         Works with the church’s Choir Committee. (See Reporting Relationships below)

·         Organises the musical preparation of additional special events, e.g. Choir concerts


3.3  Accompanist:

·         Provides and/or arranges piano music at the weekly Sunday service, Christmas services, and Easter services as well as any

          other week-day services. This will also include an afternoon service at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital in months when there is a

          fifth Sunday (about 4 times a year).

·         Selects and prepares appropriate anthem, prelude, offertory and postlude for each service. Hymns will be selected by the


·         Leads weekly choir practice from mid-Sept to end of May. The length and number of rehearsals may be increased prior to a

          major event as time constraints permit.

·         Guides and oversees the maintenance of the musical instruments in the Church.

·         Provides piano music for weddings and funerals of the Church. There will be additional remuneration for weddings and for

          funeral services paid directly by the families through St Paul’s.

·         The Music Minister may have access to the sanctuary for practice, provided that the church calendar has been consulted

          through the church office.




·         The Music Minister will report to the Ministry and Personnel Committee (M&P) which works on behalf of Church Council for

          personnel matters. This will include consultation about goals and objectives, professional development seminars, changes to

          roles and responsibilities, hours, remuneration, vacation scheduling, matters arising from annual reviews, or any other matters

          deemed appropriate.

·         Regular reviews will be conducted of performance and job description. (At least once a year.)

·         The Music Minister is called to work as an integral part of a Ministry Team. In addition to regular meetings with the Minister, the

          Music Minister will work with the Choir Committee in matters relating to the choir, e.g. Planning for special events, concerts,


·         The Music Minister will be required to attend meetings of the Worship Committee on a monthly basis, attend the Church Council

          Meeting when invited and attend the Annual Meeting of St Paul’s.

·         The Music Minister will be asked to contribute articles for the quarterly Newsletter as well as items of interest relating to the

          Choir, or the Music Ministry, for inclusion in the weekly bulletins.

·         As a staff member the Music Minister may be asked to advise church groups, not mentioned above, on musical matters.



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St Paul's United Church, 2410 Malaview Avenue, Sidney, BC, V8L 2G4

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