General Description:

  • Assists the Minister with secretarial duties.

  • Administers the church office.

  • Provides secretarial assistance to the church Council, church Committees and other approved groups.

  •  Manages rental of church space.


Working Hours - 18 hours per week:

  • Working hours are: Tuesday & Wednesday, 9am to 1.00pm and Thursday & Friday - 9.00am - 2.00pm 

  • Vacation is 2 weeks for the first 5 years.


Areas of Responsibility and Resulting Duties:


1. Staff Support

The Administrative Assistant will provide support to the Minister. This support will include:

  • Preparation of service bulletins for regular and special occasion services, and for funeral/memorial services.

  • Preparation of PowerPoint presentations for services.

  • preparing and sending the weekly e-mail to congregation

  • preparing & printing large print bulletins and orders of service

  • Other clerical work as requested by the Minister.

  • Assist with preparing, editing and printing of quarterly newsletter

  • Assisting with preparing Annual Report


2. Duties Relating to Administration of Office

  • Answering telephone and responding to messages recorded on the telephone answering machine.

  • Responding to and/or distributing emails as appropriate.

  • Collecting mail from mailbox and dealing with/distributing mail as appropriate.

  • Greeting visitors.

  • General church office filing and record-keeping; archiving old files and paperwork.

  • Purchasing church office supplies.

  • Maintaining Official Records of the Pastoral Charge.

  • Ensuring all office equipment (telephone, answering machine, photocopier, computer system, etc) is in good working order, in consultation with the Property Committee.

  • Preparing and printing the monthly church calendar & updating online calendar

  • Booking rooms for subsequent church activities by maintaining church calendar

  • Updating the church membership lists and the church Directory.

  • Maintain a Petty Cash account; and safeguarding monies handed in to office.

  • Keep notice boards tidy and up-to-date with appropriate material

  • Ensure various licenses and subscriptions are paid

  • Creating & maintaining a list of church keys which are lent out

  • Manage rentals and use of church space agreements.

  • Liaise with Custodian re. use of space, rentals, bookings for each week

  • Regularly print and keep a supply of offering envelopes available

  • Regularly back up church computer


3. Assisting the Church Council, Committees and other Church Groups 

  • Advertise church Committee sponsored functions, as requested.

  • Collate, print and file the Minutes of Council, various Committees

  • Support Stewardship and Membership campaigns (e.g., by typing Stewardship Letter, maintaining mailing lists, etc).

  • Assist with preparing the Annual Report.

  • Assist with the completing and filing of the Annual United Church Statistical and Information forms.

  • Contacting the local Food Bank for pick-ups.


Requirements for the Position

  • Solid knowledge of office procedures.

  • Essential working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Publisher and PowerPoint

  • Ability to learn new software quickly

  • Knowledge of phone, photocopier, email, and computer back-up procedures.

  • Excellent file management, both paper and computer.

  • Excellent time management skills.

  • Knowledge of and willingness to work within the polity and theology of The United Church of Canada


Communication Skills:

  • Ability to relate to others with sensitivity and compassion.

  • Awareness of the importance of maintaining confidentiality (Maintain strict confidentiality of sensitive and personal information related to the people and activities of St Paul’s)

St Paul's United Church, 2410 Malaview Avenue, Sidney, BC, V8L 2G4

Tel: 250-656-3213