General Description:

  • Assists the Minister with secretarial duties.

  • Administers the church office.

  • Provides secretarial assistance to the church Council, church Committees and other approved groups.

  •  Manages rental of church space.


Working Hours - 18 hours per week:

  • Working hours are: Tuesday & Wednesday, 9am to 1.00pm and Thursday & Friday - 9.00am - 2.00pm 

  • Vacation is 2 weeks for the first 5 years.


Areas of Responsibility and Resulting Duties:


1. Staff Support

The Administrative Assistant will provide support to the Minister. This support will include:

  • Preparation of service bulletins for regular and special occasion services, and for funeral/memorial services.

  • Preparation of PowerPoint presentations for services.

  • preparing and sending the weekly e-mail to congregation

  • preparing & printing large print bulletins and orders of service

  • Other clerical work as requested by the Minister.

  • Assist with preparing, editing and printing of quarterly newsletter

  • Assisting with preparing Annual Report


2. Duties Relating to Administration of Office

  • Answering telephone and responding to messages recorded on the telephone answering machine.

  • Responding to and/or distributing emails as appropriate.

  • Collecting mail from mailbox and dealing with/distributing mail as appropriate.

  • Greeting visitors.

  • General church office filing and record-keeping; archiving old files and paperwork.

  • Purchasing church office supplies.

  • Maintaining Official Records of the Pastoral Charge.

  • Ensuring all office equipment (telephone, answering machine, photocopier, computer system, etc) is in good working order, in consultation with the Property Committee.

  • Preparing and printing the monthly church calendar & updating online calendar

  • Booking rooms for subsequent church activities by maintaining church calendar

  • Updating the church membership lists and the church Directory.

  • Maintain a Petty Cash account; and safeguarding monies handed in to office.

  • Keep notice boards tidy and up-to-date with appropriate material

  • Ensure various licenses and subscriptions are paid

  • Creating & maintaining a list of church keys which are lent out

  • Manage rentals and use of church space agreements.

  • Liaise with Custodian re. use of space, rentals, bookings for each week

  • Regularly print and keep a supply of offering envelopes available

  • Regularly back up church computer


3. Assisting the Church Council, Committees and other Church Groups 

  • Advertise church Committee sponsored functions, as requested.

  • Collate, print and file the Minutes of Council, various Committees

  • Support Stewardship and Membership campaigns (e.g., by typing Stewardship Letter, maintaining mailing lists, etc).

  • Assist with preparing the Annual Report.

  • Assist with the completing and filing of the Annual United Church Statistical and Information forms.

  • Contacting the local Food Bank for pick-ups.


Requirements for the Position

  • Solid knowledge of office procedures.

  • Essential working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Publisher and PowerPoint

  • Ability to learn new software quickly

  • Knowledge of phone, photocopier, email, and computer back-up procedures.

  • Excellent file management, both paper and computer.

  • Excellent time management skills.

  • Knowledge of and willingness to work within the polity and theology of The United Church of Canada


Communication Skills:

  • Ability to relate to others with sensitivity and compassion.

  • Awareness of the importance of maintaining confidentiality (Maintain strict confidentiality of sensitive and personal information related to the people and activities of St Paul’s)

Phone: (250) 656-3213

2410 Malaview Ave, Sidney, BC V8L 2G3, Canada

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